Volunteer Day At Oxford Island

Volunteers from Northern Ireland Water and Kelda Water Services Alpha Limited gave up a day to remove sycamore saplings from a native woodland at Oxford Island on Tuesday 18 October 2016 as part of the new Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership funded through the Heritage Lottery


Two volunteers cut down sycamore saplings at Oxford Island

Kelda Water Services Alpha Limited have successfully managed and operated a number of water treatment facilities around Lough Neagh in partnership with Northern Ireland Water.  To mark the 10 year anniversary of the partnership, staff from both companies, gave up a day to do their bit for the rich natural environment and wildlife habitats around Lough Neagh.

“The volunteers made a significant improvement to our native woodland here at Oxford Island,” said Marcus Malley, Conservation Manager for Oxford Island.  “We are delighted that an important corporate stakeholder partnership has provided our first volunteers for the delivery of the Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership Scheme” said William Burke, Manager of the Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership.


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