6 Great sites around Lough Neagh to view the Perseid Meteor Shower

This beautiful celestial event which occurs every year is due to peak on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th August from 1am. Here are 6 of the best places to view the Perseid Meteor Shower from around Lough Neagh, weather permitting.

Ballyronan Marina

Ballyronan Marina is located in a fantastic spot to enjoy this wonderful natural display. With its quiet location on the edge of the lough along with few lights to obstruct the view and many locations including the beach and woodlands, Ballyronan serves as a great place to truly enjoy the Perseid Meteor Shower.

Ballyronan Marina Picnic

Toome Canal

Located in Toomebridge, County Antrim, the Toome canal walk is a quiet and serene walk alongside the Toome canal. The walk culminates in a fantastic view out onto the lough; with the end of the walk being far enough away from Toome that you should have no difficulty in getting a great, unobstructed viewing of the meteor Shower.

Toome Canal

Crumlin Glen

Crumlin Glen, located on the edge of County Antrim village, Crumlin, is a fantastic woodland with a riverside walk along it’s course. With some fantastic points of interest including the waterfall of Crumlin Glen,there are plenty of unique places to view the Meteor shower from within the glen.

Crumlin Glen

Oxford Island

Located on the southern shores of Lough Neagh, Oxford island possess’s a fantastic unobstructed viewpoint to observe the lough from. It’s location not only provides great viewpoints but is also far from lights and other distractions, ensuring you shouldn’t have any problems in experience the meteor shower.  Oxford Island is listed as one of the Ulsters top dark sky sites

Oxford Island

Maghery Country Park

Laying quietly on the south western shore of the lough, Maghery Country Park is an excellent location to observe the Perseid Meteor Shower. With it’s view of Coney Island, Maghery is one of the best locations for any photography enthusiasts out there to enjoy capturing this stunning phenomenon.

maghery Country Park Picnic

Ardboe Old Cross

This ancient monument, believed to be over a thousand years old, is located in Ardboe, on the Western edge of Lough Neagh. It is beautifully preserved amongst the ruins of the church and abbey that once alongside it. With it’s rural setting on the edge of the lough among the ruins it serves an absolutely unique place to observe the Perseid Meteor shower from.


Please be respectful of our wonderful environment.

To find out more about the Perseid Meteor Shower read this blog from Space.com

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