Lisburn City Triathlon and Aquathlon

A highly anticipated race in Ireland’s triathlon calendar.

Open to everyone aged 16 and over, Lisburn City Triathlon, will welcome some of Northern Ireland’s top triathletes, demonstrating strength and endurance across the following disciplines; a 750m pool swim, a 24km cycle and 5km run.

The Aquathlon will enable young people, under the age of 16, to shine and put their training into practice across a continuous, two-stage race involving a 200m pool swim and 2km run.

The Lisburn City Triathlon & Aquathlon is perfect for both beginners and experienced athletes a like.

The entry fee for the Triathlon is £26 and £8 to enter the Aquathlon.

There will be £750 prize money up for grabs for the Triathlon, plus each participant will receive a commemorative t-shirt. Refreshments are also available for all participants after the event.