Blokart World

Some call it Landsailing, others call it Sand yachting.

Some call it Landsailing, others call it Sand yachting. We call it blokart sailing.
Why? Easy! The sand yachts we use are manufactured by a company called Blokart.

Blokart is fast becoming a sport all of its own.

A blokart is a mini sand yacht which is hand steered. The hand steering eliminates any requirement for length adjustment for different sized users. This makes a blokart an ideal choice for families.

Blokart World is Ireland’s leading Blokart school. Providing Blokart sales & training across the country.

Blokart World is run by qualified trainers for the sport. We provide training & assessment packages to both the public & private sector on a wide range of topics with many options to suit all requirements.

As a hardworking company with family commitments we realise that leisure time is an important part of the family week. So as keen sports people we have introduced a leisure & wellbeing dimension to the company product portfolio.

We have available the fastest growing land based sailing activity (Blokart) which is suitable for all ages, 8 & up. Younger children are not excluded. The sport is also available to their grandparents, so it truly is a sport that closes the generation gap.

We are, as far as possible making the sport available to everyone & welcome all manner of clubs & schools. including those with limited mobility to get involved with us in a growing sport.

Blokart World are currently in a position to offer an Activity Provider Package with the back up of Ireland’s Premier Blokart dealer. This means you could start your own Blokart school.

We offer :
Hen Party,
Stag party,
Disabled courses,
Instructor training,
Team building,
corporate days,
Come and try sessions,
Half day beach experiences