Randalstown Biodiversity Summer School

Lough Neagh Events August 2016 Discover the diverse ecosystems of River Maine

2th August – 26th August 2016

Time: 10am – 12pm

Venue: River Maine, Randalstown

Age 4+

It is the parent/guardian’s repsonsibility to ensure, before applying, children will be the correct age for the summer school. Children must be the minium age on the first day of the summer school.

Summer School Description:

Fun filled family summer school packed with outdoor activities to explore and discover trees, mini-beasts, river life and much more.

All our programmes are all inclusive and where possible, we welcome everyone to take part in and enjoy our summer programmes.

What Child Should Bring:

  • Any medication and that the child is able to administer it themselves.

What Child Should Not Bring:

  • n/a

What Child Should Wear:

  • Clothes for outdoor activities.

Rules & Protocols:

  • No football tops or kits displaying club logos.
  • No trading cards.
  • No heelies.
  • No smoking, drugs or alcohol.
  • Obey rules of leaders at all times.
  • Sensible footwear should be worn and should be appropriate to the task.
  • Look out for and obey all warning signs or notices.

Etiquette & Behaviour:

  • Children should respect the Council’s property and equipment.
  • Children should respect other users personal property.
  • Children should respect their leaders and each other.
  • No bullying.
  • No swearing.

How To Book:

First-come first-served basis with payment required at time of booking.
Website: Randalstown Biodiversity Summer Scheme

Booking: Summer Schemes & Course Bookings

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