lunása Spirit of Folk Festival

Lough Neagh Events August 2017: The Clans of Ulster celebrates Lunása Spirit of Folk Festival!

Date: Saturday 12th August

Times: 11am – 4pm (Daytime Festival) & 8pm – 11pm (Evening Festival)

Venue: Tullyhogue Fort, Cookstown

The Clans of Ulster celebrates Lunása Spirit of Folk Festival!

On 12 August, a festival is being held at Tullyhogue Fort, near Cookstown, from 11am-11pm.  The event is being hosted by The Clans of Ulster, and commemorates the ancient tradition of Lunása, which was celebrated all over Ireland, Scotland, and Europe.  It marks the end of summer and celebrates the harvest season, while honouring the role of the ancient Celtic ways.  It will include family fun, with a celebration of food, music, sport, and art. There will be plenty to see and do including visiting stalls from local food artisans and local crafts.  There is also a chance to participate in our Celtic warrior workshop, and see & learn about birds of prey with the NI School of Falconry.  In the evening, the fort will be filled with the music of BackWest featuring Tyrone’s legendary virtuoso PJ McDonald.


The daytime half of the festival lasts from 11am to 4pm on Saturday 12 August. A family day set in the ancient Tullyhogue Fort.

* Celtic warrior workshop with costumes and artefacts

* You can meet Irish heroes: Hugh O’Neill, Cúchulainn, Lugh, and Dana

* Live performance of warrior feats by Cúchulain

* Lugh Cup sporting competition

* Family archaeology dig

* NI School of Falconry will be showing off hawks, eagles, and falcons

* Market stalls with local traders and artisans


The evening half, from 8pm to 11pm, Saturday 12 August.  The fort will be set alight with a fire performance as well as music and re-enactments.

* Live music from Back West with PJ McDonnell

* Comedy performance from Belfast’s Paddy McDonnell

* Bar


Mal O’Neill, Chair of the Clans said “This is a great time to celebrate the harvest, and for children to learn about ancient crafts and history in a fun way.  The evenings events will cumulate in the fire performers, and local musicians playing.  For thousands of years, Tullyhogue Fort would have had a carnival atmosphere at this time.  We are looking forward to welcoming everyone!”


Find more information at: Mid-Ulster District Council

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