Louis de Bernières at the HomePlace

Lough Neagh Events November 2016: Enjoy an audience with international best-seller Louis de Bernières in the Helicon at the HomePlace, Bellaghy.

Date: Sunday 6th November 2016

Time: 5pm

Venue: HomePlace, Bellaghy

Price: £8
Join us in the Helicon for a special appearance at HomePlace, Louis de Bernières reads from his work and talks about the poets that have shaped him.

‘I think of poetry as my original vocation,’ Louis de Bernières has said. ‘Novel writing somehow grew out of it’. His much loved 1994 novel, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, became an international bestseller and was made into a film starring Nicolas Cage and Penélope Cruz.

In recent years Bernières has returned to his first love, bringing all the lyricism and romance of his prose style to the genre that lies closest to his heart. His debut collection, Imagining Alexandria, drew inspiration from the great Greek poet Cavafy (a poet much admired by Seamus Heaney), while his new collection, Of Love and Desire, draws on influences from classical Persian poets to Pablo Neruda to explore many forms of love.


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