Lough Neagh Stories Competition

The annual Lough Neagh Christmas Competition is back and this year we're seeking stories for our Lough Neagh Stories Competition. The winner will receive a £100 voucher for the Jungle NI.

Lough Neagh Partnership are gathering stories from people who have lived and/or worked on and around Lough Neagh. Pupils are asked to seek stories or memories from neighbours or relatives who are willing to share them.

The entry form can be accessed from Here: Lough Neagh Stories Entry Form

Photographs may be attached.

Unfortunately we are unable to return anything that is sent to us.

All entries will be published on our website in 2018. By submitting an entry you are permitting them to be published and have sought permission from the person who told the story. The winning entry will be contacted directly. Details will be published on our Facebook page facebook.com/loughneaghpartnership.

This is a project of Lough Neagh Partnership under the HLF Landscape Scheme

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