World Host

Lough Neagh & Its Waterways Aim for Worldhost Destination Status

WorldHost Destination status is a way of helping put our area on the map – for all the right reasons. By encouraging businesses within the area to undertake WorldHost customer service training, the area can be recognised as a WorldHost Committed Destination: the way to show the outside world the areas dedication to giving the best possible service to visitors.  25% of businesses in the Lough Neagh Destination must successfully achieve WorldHost Recognition


The Objectives for a WorldHost Destination
• Raise awareness and promote world class customer service delivery across the destination
• To promote the destination at a national/regional level associating the brand with world class customer service by achieving WorldHost recognition
• To offer support to businesses in the area
• To raise the profile of the individual brands and assist in the positioning of each private name business  as a provider of world class customer service
• Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Positive word of mouth


Our Commitment

• Lead by example: Lough Neagh Partnership is already a WorldHost recognised business

• Establish and Manage Lough Neagh WorldHost Task Force

• Select Tourism Hot Spots in each council area for Inaugural Destination Recognition

• Select WorldHost Role Model Businesses

• Lobby trainers for open course dates and quality FAM trips – relevant to Lough Neagh

• Promote to engage trade

• Generate PR

If you would like to be involved in the WorldHost Taskforce then please contact Eimear Kearney Tel: 028 7941 7941