Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership Underway

The Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership is now underway

Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership Underway

Landscapes are an important part of our past and play an important part in our lives today. That’s why Lough Neagh Partnership want to help conserve them and get more people involved in understanding and looking after them for the long term. Working in partnership with Councils, government, environmental organisations and local community stakeholders Lough Neagh Partnership have secured a £2.49 million grant through the Heritage Lottery Fund Landscape Partnership programme to deliver 27 integrated projects around the lough shore over the next five years.

Landscape Partnership schemes put heritage conservation at the heart of rural regeneration. Local, regional and national organisations work together to make a real difference to landscapes and communities for the long term. This is done by conserving habitats at landscape-scale, promoting joined-up management, reviving long-lost skills, and much more.
As part of the programme:

  • The lough’s wetlands, peatlands and boglands will be restored
  • The local community will benefit from new skills development and training opportunities
  • Built heritage and archaeological sites will be conserved and researched
  • The project will help to regenerate the areas around the lough shore to make them better places to live
  • It will also provide training and volunteering opportunities

The scheme will be managed by Dr William Burke supported by Siobhan Thompson (Natural Heritage), Chris McCarney (Volunteering & Training), Dr Liam Campbell (Built & Cultural Heritage) and Chie McGuckin (Finance & Admin).


  1. Mark spence says:

    Hi this is an email for Chris Mccarney about the upcoming aghagallon archeological dig it seems his email address is not working, I would like to book a slot or a couple if possible I would love to help out if I could, also I’m an experienced metal detectorist who if needed could bring my machine along for added assistance if needed.

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