Landscape Partnership – Natural Heritage Programme

The natural heritage programme will be delivered by project officer Siobhan Thompson. Siobhan will work alongside local landowners, farmers and partner organisations including local councils, RSPB, butterfly conservation, NIEA etc. looking at a number of natural heritage based projects around the Lough.

One of the main projects Siobhan will be delivering will work alongside RSPB devising management proposals for Bog Conservation and restoration on a number of selected sites around the lough. Siobhan will also work on a number of other projects involving barn owls, Cryptic Wood white butterflies, bioblitz etc. The partnership seeks to encourage best practice in conserving and enhancing natural heritage within and around the Lough Neagh area.

Lough Neagh is the largest lough in Northern Ireland and supports a rich and diverse range of habitats and species. We hope to help wildlife by working together to create a wildlife rich landscape by:

  • raising awareness of the importance of the habitats found around the lough through practical and cultural engagement
  • working alongside landowners and local farmers to manage and restore peatland and connected habitats sympathetically
  • using local knowledge to create wildlife corridors, connecting the landscape of the lough and increasing biodiversity in the area
There are opportunities for:
  • local people to work/volunteer alongside us, sharing knowledge and equipment, gaining expertise, and receiving valuable advice
  • local landowners and farmers to work with us, restoring or enhancing habitat areas on their land
  • researching new techniques and methods to protect this valuable network of habitat and species.
  • surveying and monitoring peatland and related habitats and the wildlife found living there
If you are interested in volunteering or working on any of these projects, please contact Siobhan Thompson Natural heritage Officer  on or telephone 028 3831 1688. Siobhan is based at the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Oxford Island.

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