A Dander Around Ballyronan

I took a dander around Ballyronan Marina and was surprised by the beauty and of the area around me By Aine Kelly

Ballyronan MarinaI don’t live very far from Ballyronan and have visited the area once or twice before and have seen most of  the area before, but I was surprised to see that I hadn’t seen the whole area and the different activities it offers.  Ballyronan is a small town that is five miles away from Magherafelt and 12 miles from Cookstown. Ballyronan is the perfect place for a day out as it has something that everyone can enjoy. On my visit to Ballyronan I found that there was facilities available that I hadn’t seen before when on previous visits, such as, The Caravan Park and The Bird Hide. The Bird Hide is a facility that can appeal to many different people whether they are interested in bird watching or nature photography. Ballyronan is a beautiful area with serene views which can be seen from right on the shore of the marina. During my visit to Ballyronan I had seen many different facilities that are provided for visitors to use.

Ballyronan MarinaMy visit to Ballyronan has shown me that the area of Ballyronan can appeal to a wide range of visitors whether it’s families, couples, adults, or younger people. Based upon my visit I feel that the area offers something for everyone. Ballyronan is the perfect place for a day out  no matter what age you are. There are many facilities on offer such as the park, the football pitch and the ice cream shop, because of these facilities you can have a fun day out with family or friends as you can do a wide range of things without having to travel  to different places to do the same things that you could do for free.

Ballyronan also offers a younger generation of people a place where they can have fun, this is because the Ballyronan marina offers all visitors coming to the area a place where they can look out at the magnificent views, enjoy a chippy and ice cream  and have fun doing the different activities that can be offered through the park, and the football pitch. Ballyronan has a range of things for visitors to do based upon their interest whether, that may be, water sports such as canoeing or kayaking, sailing, cycling pathways, walking pathways and other facilities available at the marina.  Overall I feel that Ballyronan is a great place to visit because of it’s views and it’s  wide range of things to do.

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