Bee Curious

Lough Neagh Events June 2017: Join in the summer fun with Bee Curious at the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre and explore the crucial role that Pollinators play in our environment

Date: Saturday 17th June

Times: 11am – 4pm

Venue: Lough Neagh Discovery Centre

Enter the world of pollinators and find out more about the amazing creatures that are so valuable in our world and contribute so much to our food supply. Thanks to the work of our pollinating insects we can enjoy a wide and varied diet which includes plants, fruit, vegetable and berries from all over the world.

Without them we wouldn’t even have chocolate or coffee! Despite the importance of pollinators, all too often they are taken for granted and with an ever increasing global population their importance in world food supply is under-estimated. 17 CONSERVATION SERVICE EVENTS: MARCH – OCTOBER 2016 The Bee Curious event on 17th June at the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre aims to celebrate the value of these creatures and their significance to local food producers. As well as selling local produce there will be cookery demonstrations using local foods pollinated by insects.

There will be a range of stalls which will provide locally produced foods including honey and preserves, cosmetics derived from natural ingredients and bee keeping equipment. There will be lots of people from a range of conservation organisations on hand to provide advice and information on ways to help our pollinators and plants on sale to help visitors to bring pollinators into their gardens.

Talks and short walks of Oxford Island will highlight some of the features that can be included in gardens looking at useful plants and simple features to benefit the insects, bees and wildlife in general.

The event will take place at Oxford Island National Nature Reserve on Saturday 17th June and aims to attract a wide audience of all ages including families. In addition to the stalls and local producers there will be ongoing activities and demonstrations to suit all ages.

For further information contact Lough Neagh Discovery Centre on 028 3832 2205 or e-mail,

Find more information at: Oxford Island 

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