Anzac Day Commemoration Service 2016

The 101st anniversary of the Allied landings on the Gallipoli Peninsula was commemorated at the Ballance House on Sunday 24th April 2016. Included in the landings on that dreadful morning in 1915 were the ANZAC Corps and the 29th British Division which included 1st Battalion Royal lnniskilling Fusiliers, 1st Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers and 1st Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers. It was later in the campaign that 10th (Irish) Division landed at Suvla Bay in an effort to break the stale-mate. The Dublins and Munsters landed from the SS River Clyde on 25th April 1915 and were decimated as they came ashore. The ANZACs were landed a mile from their planned landing place further up the coast and came under immediate heavy sustained fire. This was the first occasion on which the ANZACs had answered the request of the Mother Country for help in time of war and in so doing suffered horrendously. In New Zealand and Australia, ANZAC day is remembered with pride to this very day with many thousands making the pilgrimage back to Gallipoli.

With thanks to the Rev. Mark E. Donald, Chaplain 2 Royal Irish and the First Garvagh Presbyterian Church Choir and all those who attended the service.