An Activity Day Out Around Cookstown, Lough Neagh

Time to take advantage of the summer weather and get out and about on active days out around Lough Neagh; be prepared for muddy shoes and grassy knees.

3 Top Activity Days Around Lough Neagh at Mid Ulster

Based around the Cookstown and Moneymore areas we have put together a variety of activities for those who love the outdoors and don’t mind getting muddy in the process.

The Jungle NI

The Jungle NI is an outdoor activities provider based outside of Moneymore and just a few miles from Lough Neagh. The jungle NI offer a wide range of activities for all ages including paintball, zorbing, adult tree top, clay shooting, archery, llama treks amongst many other things. There is a huge variety of activities at the Jungle NI and there’s no doubt that it’s one of the premier locations in Northern Ireland for the activities they provide. The Jungle NI are always seeking to bring different experiences to visitors which can be seen in the variety of seasonal events that they offer including the Halloween fright nights, Christmas wonderland and Easter egg hunts, there is always excitement at the Jungle regardless of the time of year you are visiting. Prices for all of the activities are provided on the Jungle NI’s website, please note that some activities such as paintball will only be available for larger groups. The site also has options for camping and glamping, providing an excellent opportunity to extend the fun for another day. If the weathers good, why not also take a walk in the nearby Springhill House, Moneymore?


The Jungle NI Lough Neagh

Drum Manor Forest, Cookstown

One of the best locations to take a relaxing walk around in the Cookstown area, the beautiful Drum Manor Forest is fantastic area for lovers of nature to explore. Upon entering Drum Manor Forest Park the ruins of Drum Manor are sure to catch your eye with its formidable yet intricate architecture; it also has quaint gardens within its walls. The formerly grand Drum Manor home whose origins stretch back almost 200 years to 1829 provides an fascinating insight into the history to the area. At Drum Manor, it’s the lake that dominates the landscape of the forest whilst also serving as a great backdrop for picnic (as long as the weather holds up). A short but wonderfully serene walk around the lake allows you to take in the lakes sights, sounds and wildlife, including habituating ducks and swans. A number of different routes around the forest are provided allowing you take in as much or as little of the grounds as you desire. One of the fantastic features of the forest is the astonishing variety of trees, each bringing it’s own magnificent colour and vibrancy to the landscape; it really is a beautiful place to visit in summer. The grounds also conceal a number of beautifully composed gardens each with interesting features that lend their own character to the gardens. Entry to the site is £4 for a car with the site containing a number of amenities including toilets and a fantastic playground for children. Drum Manor is a great place to visit for families, couples or on your own and easily justifies a day out by itself. For anyone looking to make a day of it, Tullyhogue Fort is another great site with historical significance and is located only a few miles east of Drum Manor Forest.

Drum Manor Forest Park Lough Neagh

Davagh Forest Trails

Located not far from Coostown, Davagh Forest Trails are a series of Mountain bike and walking trails. For mountain bike enthusiasts, the trails at Davagh have been an extremely popular destination and it’s not hard to see why. The trails offer a skills area which contains a variety of features for mountain bikers to practice before they venture out onto the trails.  The site at Davagh Forest contains 3 trails, each of increasing difficulty and length, a feature that makes it a great place for beginners all the way up to enthusiasts to enjoy the course. Visiting the site costs nothing though you will need to bring your own bike or ,alternatively, rent one from Outdoor Concepts at a cost of £20. There are a number of facilities at Davagh including communal changing rooms, toilets, a bike washing station and a children’s play area.  If you have any interest in historical sites, be sure to check out Beaghmore Stone Circles nearby, a collection of standing stones, stone rows and cairns set in a landscape laying claim to Northern Ireland’s darkest sky, perfect for any astronomy enthusiasts out there.

Bike Hire Booking: Outdoor Concepts

Davagh Forest Trails Lough Neagh

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