7 Great Sports from the Rio Olympics to try out Around Lough Neagh

With the 2016 Olympics in Rio soon coming to a close, you'll have had a chance to encounter some of the many fantastic sports on show. We've prepared a list of 7 great Olympic sports that you can try out right around Lough Neagh.


With Michael Phelp’s amazing record of achieving more gold medals than any other Olympian in history, there is sure to be lots of inspired viewers worldwide looking to get swimming. We are lucky enough not only to have Lough Neagh on our doorstep but also many different places around Lough Neagh with fantastic facilities to enjoy swimming at. Below is a number of the best spots for swimming around Lough Neagh.

Antrim Forum Lough Neagh


Archery has been an impressive sport to watch at the Rio Olympics and with South Korea dominating the sport it’s about time the rest of the world got practising. There are a couple of great spots around Lough Neagh to get a start on this fun activity.

Kilmore Archery Centre Lough Neagh


With its relaxed play style, golf is a perfect game to enjoy on a sunny, summer afternoon without having to exert yourself. Luckily for us there are a large number of golf courses located around Lough Neagh, providing a great excuse for any avid golfers to enjoy an afternoon of golf.

Allen Park Golf Club


With Andy Murray’s heroics at this years Olympics, we’re sure that there’s going to be plenty of new players picking up their rackets to enjoy this energetic game. With a number of different places around the lough offering great facilities, why not give tennis a go?

Ballymena Tennis


Canoeing is one of the best ways to enjoy and experience Lough Neagh in all of it’s glory, giving participants an opportunity to enjoy the water in a wide range of ways. There are a number of sites that offer canoeing activities just be make sure to book in advance to ensure availability.



Another one of the great water based sports featured in the Rio Olympics, sailing is perfectly suited to the calm waters of Lough Neagh. There are number of great places to take up this fantastic activity.

Ballyronan Boat Club SailingHorse-Riding

Horse-riding, with it’s range of exciting disciplines, has made fantastic viewing at the Rio Olympics. For anyone interested in taking up horse-riding, don’t worry, there are plenty of great places offering horse-riding around Lough Neagh


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