5 Great Bakeries to Enjoy Around Lough Neagh

With the month of bread and baking coming to an end, take a look at 5 of the best bakeries to enjoy around Lough Neagh

5 Great Lough Neagh Bakeries


Ditties Bakery, established in the 1970s, is a fantastic bakery located in Magherafelt who’s product are distributed throughout Ireland and as far afield as Australia and the USA. The bakery is located conveniently in the middle of Magherafelt with plenty of nearby parking making it the perfect place to stop by for an afternoon tea. Ballyronan Marina is only a few miles away and is the perfect place to enjoy Ditty’s fantastic baked goods.

Website: Ditty’s Home Bakery


Yellow Door Deli

This Portadown Deli focusses on producing high quality, Artisan Bakery using fresh, hand picked ingredients. The family run bakery produces it’s goods using quality local produce as well as producing a range of continental specialities offering visitors a fantastic range of choice when visiting the bakery. The Deli is located only a few miles from the Craigavon Lakes, offering a great place to enjoy the fine goods on offer.

Website: Yellow Door Deli

Yellow Door Deli

Muscles Protein Bakery

For something a little different, why not try Muscles Protein Bakery? Muscles focus on offering snacks and baked goods loaded with protein, making great snacks for pre and post workout. The Bakery also offers a fantastic range of healthy meals for health fanatics. Muscles Bakery is only a short distance from Crumlin Glen, offering the perfect to opportunity to try out some delicious goodies whilst enjoying some phenomenal scenery.

Website: Muscles Protein Bakery


Nelson’s Home Bakery

Nelson’s Home Bakers, located conveniently in Antrim town center, is a fantastic little home bakery offering a great range of baked goods. As well as baked goods, Nelson’s also have a sandwich Bar and offer hot food. Nelson’s is located only a few minutes drive from both Antrim Castle Gardens and Lough Shore Park, perfect for a sunny afternoon.

Website: Nelson’s Home Bakery

Nelsons Home Bakery

Randal’s Home Bakery

Located in Randalstown, the Randal Home Bakery is a terrific little bakery situated in the middle of Randalstown. Offering a fantastic range of baked goods, it’s worth a visit on your way past. For anyone looking for the perfect place to enjoy the fantastic goods on offer, Cranfield Church and Holy Well is only a few miles up the road and provides spectacular views of Lough Neagh.

Website: Randal Home Bakery

.Randal Home Bakery

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