12 Great Picnic Sites Around Lough Neagh

Enjoy a picnic on the shores of Lough Neagh at one of 12 fantastically scenic locations.

With summer in full swing, there’s no better time to enjoy the best that lough has to offer by visiting one of these fantastic sites around Lough Neagh and enjoying a quiet picnic.

Toome Linear Park

Located in the County Antrim village of Toomebridge, just beside the River Bann is Toome Linear Park a short but serene walk alongside Toome Canal. The walk, while not overly long, provides a  a quiet walk with fantastic scenery along the way, culminating in fantastic views out over Lough Neagh with seats perfectly placed to enjoy your picnics. Why not try out some local baked goods? Ditty’s Home Bakery is located in Castledawson.

Website: Toome Linear Walk

Toome CanalLough Shore Park, Antrim

Antrim Castle Gardens is home to a versatile range of outdoors locales that serve as a perfect backdrop for a picnic. The entire gardens are beautifully maintained and as a result, you could make a case for picnicking in any area of Antrim Castle Gardens, from the riverside to the gardens. A Coffee shop and toilets are located conveniently within the grounds. Why not try out some local baked goods? Nelson’s Home Bakery is only a short drive away.

Website: Antrim Castle Gardens

Lough Shore Park

Ballyronan Marina Complex

With fantastic unobstructed views of Lough Neagh and a number of tables to enjoy it from, Ballyronan Marina serves as one of the best places picnicking areas to enjoy the lough from. With a nearby shop, play park, toilets and multiple walks around the Marina, it is certainly hard to beat. Why not try out some local baked goods? Ditty’s Home Bakery is located in Castledawson.

Website: Ballyronan Marina

Ballyronan Marina Picnic

Washingbay Wetlands Park

Situated at the south west of Lough Neagh, Washingbay Wetlands Park is one of the best places to enjoy the diverse wildlife and habitats that lough Neagh has to offer. With a pleasant walk that touches the lough and camping facilities, a café and toilets it’s a great walk with great facilities for visitors.

Website: Washingbay Wetlands Park

Washingbay Wetlands

Maghery Country Park

In the village of Maghery at the South Western tip of Lough Neagh lays Maghery Country Park, situated in 30 acres of glorious natural surroundings with 5 Km of trails to explore, It’s a fantastic spot to enjoy Lough Neagh from. To allow guests to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the park contains picnic tables for visitors to make the most of. The site does not have any toilets on site.

Website: Maghery Country Park

maghery Country Park Picnic

Randalstown Forest

Located just a short drive outside of Randalstown, this wonderful forest with picnic facilities is a great place for those looking a quiet picnic. With a deer park, owl conservation centre and several walking routes there are plenty of great options to explore after you’ve enjoyed your picnic. Toilets are available on site. Why not try out some local baked goods?The Randal Home Bakery is a short distance away in the heart of Randalstown.

Website: Randalstown Forest

Randalstown forest picnic

Peatlands Park

located in Dungannon, a few miles from Lough Neagh, Peatlands Park is a wonderfully unique park with a rich variety of wildlife and habitat. Whilst the park has over 10 miles of paths leading visitors throughout the park’s beautiful scenery, the diverse wildlife is what really sets it apart. With creatures ranging from moths and butterflies to squirrels and badgers and even some lizards, Peatlands Park is one of the best places to enjoy your picnic whilst experiencing one of Northern Ireland’s most unique ecosystems. Facilities include a visitors centre, toilets and picnic areas with a train in operation on weekends and public holidays throughout July and August. Why not try out some local baked goods? Hegarty’s Bakery in Dungannon is a great choice.

Website: Peatlands Park

Peatlands Park

Oxford Island

Located at the south of the lough, Oxford Island consistently stands as one of the best places to truly enjoy what makes lough Neagh special. The site provides access to a range of habitats, reflecting the true diversity of Lough Neagh. For lovers of nature, Oxford Island serves as one of the best places around the lough to enjoy a picnic. The site facilities include Lough Neagh Discover Centre, toilets, bird hides and a network of trails. Why not try out some local baked goods? Located in nearby Lurgan, Windsor Home Bakery is a great choice.

Website: Oxford Island

Lough Neagh Discovery Centre


Crumlin Glen

Located in the County Antrim village of Crumlin, Crumlin Glen is a wonderful walk alongside the River Oaks which weaves it’s way through the glen. With a number of great features including the waterfall and cockle house, Crumlin Glen is a great backdrop for a lovely family picnic. The site’s facilities include toilets and fishing stands.  Why not try out some local baked goods? Bushes Home Bakery in Crumlin is a short drive away.

Website: Crumlin Glen

Crumlin Glen

Portglenone Forest

Located on the banks of the River Bann, Portglenone forest is an ancient woodland with a wide range of woodland flower species. The site has a number of facilities including Toilets, Wheelchair access, woodland trails and of course, picnic areas for visitors to enjoy the woodlands from. The site includes toilets, disabled access and way marked trails. Why not try out some local baked goods? Maine Bakery, Portglenone,  is located a short drive from Portglenone Forest.

Website: Portglenone Forest


Portglenone forest Picnic

Craigavon City Park

Set in Craigavon within 180 Hectares of  parkland and two artificial lakes, Craigavon City Park is a fantastic spot for any avid walkers, joggers or cyclists to enjoy. The park is a perfect sport for anglers with the trout rainbow trout fishery being stocked with up to five thousand fish. The site facilities include parking and disabled access with Craigavon Water sports Centre and Tannaghmore Gardens also nearby. Why not try out some local baked goods? Kosy Home Bakery in Craigavon is located a short drive away.

Website: Craigavon City Park

Craigavon City Park

The Battery

Located off the western shores of Lough Neagh,  The Battery occupies a beautifully scenic and historic part of lough Neagh. With it’s position on the shore of Lough Neagh and it’s proximity to the famous Ardboe Cross, there is plenty to see around the Battery helping it to serve as an idyllic place to enjoy a picnic.


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